As I lay there at the middle of the street with my shield ripped apart,

Tears fell from my eyes when I saw Defeat start reigning in my heart.

The skies turned black, thunders roared and then it started to rain.

That’s when I knew that there was nothing much for me to gain.

My defeat left me screaming as I think it’s the end of me

I searched for mercy and started hoping that there is an answer to my plea

But all I saw was a pile of dead bodies waiting for the heavens to call them home

That’s when I knew that all of it was true and I was left there alone.

So I tried to stand and face the storm although my legs are shaking

With tears in my eyes and a bruise in my heart, I bravely start believing

That defeat is not the end of my story but a start of a new beginning

And the storm will fade and stars will parade before the sun will start shining.

But I was too naïve to admit to myself that I can’t make miracles on my own

And though my legs can make small steps, I can’t stop the raging storm

So my feeble legs suddenly gave up and I lost the strength to stand again

But then I knew, what I once heard was true that all of my efforts are in vain.

But I wasn’t just a wounded soldier walking away from the battleground

My heart is dead, my soul is unfed and too numb to yearn that I must be found

My wall of pride came crushing through and I realized I need some help

A Savior who can make all things new so I yearned for His presence to be felt.

But I realized He already found me before I started to make my plea

He touched heart and turned it into flesh and told me that I am now free

I was once a beggar looking for love; a bride weeping for a groom

But was too blinded to see that my whole being without Him is doomed.

Sometimes we long for worldly things ‘cause we think they’re not fleeting

And then look for temporal love, power and fame as if Grace has no meaning.

But Christ is enough to give us strength and fill up all our yearnings;

Grace has finally come and paid our debts so we can now start living. 

© KrizSummer


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  1. RheaAngeline says:

    Haaaay… Sa paulit-ulit kong pagbabasa nito, baka makabisado ko na. 😂

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