What To Do If He Doesn’t Pursue You

So how can Christian women behave regarding this? Should we be anxious if the guy whose been chatting you online and takes you out for a ‘date’ (but you’re not sure if it’s a date) has been puzzling you? Do we really have to overnanalyze everything?

My Questions For Christian Men

I have so many questions regarding this. So please, if you are a Christian Guy reading this, can you comment below or make a blog post regarding this issue?

Love is NOT Like That

How you describe love or perceive love say much about you and what matters for you. And in the end, it will lead you on how you run your life.

“I Love You”, but I Don’t Want To Be Serious About It

For the past years, having a mutual relationship with someone without any serious commitments has been a trend. We see men and women label someone as a “special” friend, but nothing more serious. “I love hanging out with him.” “We’re just friends, but he’s special.” I want to tackle this issue most especially for the…