FREE eBook for Singles

Credits to Doctor Eamer for this pic. Hehe. ☺

Hello my dear readers!

Me and my friends from PSA made a book for all the Singles out there. It’s our way of sharing our care and love for all the Singles who chose to make things right and wait patiently for God’s time. I was not deeply involved in editing, lay-outing and sending it to those who registered earlier so I would like to grab this opportunity to thank our founder, Doctor Eamer, for making this possible. Hehe. Thank you, Doc, for the opportunity to share my thoughts about singleness together with the other bloggers. 😁 Kudos!

God bless you all. Please Follow our blogsite, our founder’s blogsite and all the bloggers behind PSA.

You can learn so much from this book. Trust me. ☺ God bless you all. I’ll link below the site where you can download the eBook for Free!

Soli Deo Gloria!


(Please go to this site and download the book)

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