I hope when the sun goes down today

You’ll think about the things that matter the most;

Not your job; Not your wealth

Not your power; Not your skills

Not even your intellect.

You can lose your job in an instant

And it can never give you true happiness

It will exhaust you in the end

And find yourself lost; with no contentment.

Your wealth is not as constant as you think

It could be here for a moment

and gone the next time.

So ask yourself; Will you still be happy

if you live without a single dime?

Your power is fleeting like a sandstorm on the desert

That threatens all the pilgrims for a moment

yet gone the next day;

Just one false move will change your life forever

And the foundation you built will soon quiver.

You may be wise and intelligent

Full of energy to do worldly things

Yet the language of love is foreign to you

Like a strange melody that you thought you knew.

I hope when the sun goes down today,

You’ll think about the people who always love you,

Stayed beside you and never left.

Because what good is it

if someone gains the whole world,

Yet lose his soul in the end?

© KrizSummer


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