That’s NOT Jesus

Fellowship and doctrine matter for me, and for many years that I have been moving, I was able to meet different kinds of ‘Jesus’.

Why Sin Must Be Preached

If there is one thing that most churches today always tend to neglect during sermons and evangelisms, it’s our sinfulness.

Modern ‘Christian’ Music Can’t Save Your Youth’s Life

Some churches use music to attract teenagers. They want it to be the driving force for people to become a part of their congregation. It has become the mentality of the Millenials to make the music the center of church gatherings rather than promoting a community that is faithful to God and to the Scripture.

Careful or Legalistic?

Do doctrines really matter? Do we have to assume that those churches who clearly state their doctrines to be ‘legalistic’?

There’s Nothing That My Hands Can Ever Do

Just this noontime, after I did the laundry, I have unintentionally locked myself inside my room. A very crazy moment, but it reminded me of something that is worth telling. So here’s the story… As what my other blog entries said, I’ve just moved into another city here in my country to pursue my studies. And…