The Reason Why I Love The Northern Lights

northern lights

It has been weeks now that I keep on thinking and thinking and thinking (that’s how intense it is :)) about the northern lights or what we also call ‘Aurora Borealis’. 🙂

Since I was in gradeschool, I already love looking at the pictures of northern lights. I love them so much that I once said to myself that I want to live in any country that gives a perfect view on northern lights. Although I don’t see myself now living in other countries, but my love for northern lights is still growing.

Strange, but one of the things that northern lights make me realize is how waiting for the second coming of Jesus Christ should be. I know, it has less connections, but imagine it this way: I never witness northern lights with my own eyes. I only see them in pictures, and I only imagine them in my mind. And yet, I still love it. I’ve been loving it for 10 years and I still keep on waiting for that day that I will be able to witness it. 🙂

Yes, there was no one in this age that has seen Jesus Christ, and although I don’t have pictures of Him (and by the way, I don’t believe those images that appears today that claims to be how He looks like is really who He is when He first came on earth), I consider the Bible as the ultimate book that describes who He is. And although my imagination fails to grasp His glorious image, I know He is glorious and always will be. 🙂

I always imagine myself sitting on a bench and a campfire is meters away from me, and the northern lights are dancing beautifully. It gives me that nostalgic feeling. That kind of feeling that I’ve seen it before although I never did. It gives me the feeling, too that although it is beautiful, there must be something more beautiful. 🙂 And yes, God is really more beautiful than any creation in this world. Nature says so. Only a beautiful Maker can do beautiful things. That only means, He is more beautiful than any things we see around.

One of the reasons I took up Bachelor of Science in Biology as my undergraduate course is my love for God’s creation. The ocean itself is not yet fully studied. I even still remember when we studied Invertebrate Zoology, and found out that only few of the ocean species were named. It still has mysteries we haven’t discovered. The galaxies also tell us the same thing. There are still things we don’t know. I don’t encourage you all, though, to discover those things. 🙂 I just want you to realize that God is God, and even His creations tell us so. 🙂

Last week, I read the Book of Revelation and got so amazed with the image of Jesus Christ in that book. That was the 3rd time I read the book of revelation, but that was the only time I realized that the image of Jesus Christ in that book should be what our minds be thinking about. I know the importance of imagining Christ on how He became an atonement for us, but imagining Christ in His glorious image will give us the most strong feeling about His power, His glory, His deity…everything. It gives us the image of a true God. It gives us the image that defends His deity since many people today do not believe He is God.

I’ve seen God’s creation at its best. From sunrise, exotic creatures, sunsets and even in the microscopic world, and all I can say is, God is beautiful, glorious and majestic, and that’s how those little things describe Him. And who He is, is way too far more beautiful than how the northern lights portray His beauty. 🙂

I’ve read that northern lights come out in cycles (roughly 11 years), and it’s going to come out in the winter of 2013 at its best. Although I still cannot witness the northern lights, but I’m waiting for that day where I’ll be able to see it. I don’t know when, but I know it will happen. ^_^

So for those who will get the chance of seeing those northern lights, treasure it. 🙂 Someone from a tropical country longs for that very special moment. And for those who are just like me, waiting for the second coming of Jesus Christ, let’s wait patiently. We are waiting for something more beautiful than any northern lights. Let’s cry out with David:

For God alone my soul waits in silence; from Him comes my salvation. –Psalm 62:1

God bless you, readers. 🙂


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