My INTJ Personality and Christianity

Being Medically inclined and having Psychiatry as one of my favorite subjects, I was able to acquaint myself with different personality tests. Believe me, there are tons of them. But there’s this one personality test that stood out the most for me.

And it’s the Myers-Briggs Personality Types.

I took that test, and my result is INTJ-A, and even though how many more times I take the test, I still get the same result.


According to the test, INTJs are intelligent and strategic type of individuals. Only 2% of the population are INTJs and 0.8% if we only count the females.

So what does me being an INTJ and this Christian Blog have any connection?

Let me explain.

For a little background, I’d like to share this: I grew up meeting different Christians with different views when it comes to how Science see life and where it came from. I’ve met some who would say Science and Christianity don’t clash in some ways. Some stand firm in disagreeing with Evolution and some would see Psychiatry as a dark side of Medicine.

But me having a close encounter to what Evolution is and what Psychiatry/Psychology is, I think I’d go more in disagreeing in some aspects of Evolution than to close doors to the truth that Psychiatry/Psychology give.

It’s true that there are Psychiatrist or Psychoanalysts that don’t believe in the existence of GOD. So does in the other fields in Medicine. That’s why it will be quite unfair if we immediately judge what facts Psychiatry gives just because the people who founded it disagree on our beliefs.

So with that being said, I believe that Myers-Briggs Personality types could be true. Since in my case it is.

For those who do not have much background of the said Personality Test, here is a little fact:

  • Extrovert/Introvert – shows where you focus your attention
  • Sensing/Intuition – shows the way you take information
  • Thinking/Feeling – the way you make decisions
  • Judging/Perceiving – the way you deal with the world or the people around you

That means I am:

  • I am an introvert or in other words, a reticent.
  • I use my Intuition when I take information
  • I use my Thinking when I make decisions
  • I am a Judging type, and that is how I resolve issues

So what does my faith have something to do with this? 

INTJs are usually perceived as arrogant, stiff and someone who uses feelings less. So how does someone like me became a Christian whom the world perceive as loving, caring and humble?

Basing on my experience as an INTJ, I have a hard time fitting in from time to time. Since during my childhood years, I was already bullied for being different. They see me as different in the way I think and how I do things.

During my teenage years, I prefer doing things alone. I can think more and do more if I am alone. I know to have fun sometimes but I do most of the time put limits on what “fun” should be. I don’t like tolerating lies, thus, my friends can’t trust me in lying to our teachers for them.

I value truth more than anything else. And believe me, this fact has put me into so much trouble especially inside the Church.

There are things that me being a Christian doesn’t share with the rest on the INTJs. For example, those who don’t believe in GOD doesn’t share my views in life. But in general, we share the same kind of personality based on how we do or react to things.

I am among those whom they consider to have a strong personality. And even though I have no intention of scaring them, I will, eventually. Even if I say the most modest words, I will be misunderstood in the long run.

But although sometimes INTJs look like we value thinking more over feelings, we feel deeply. When you ask for a prayer request, for example, we may look like we are not into what you shared but we really are. When we advice for solutions rather that consoling you with hugs, that’s already a way of putting our concern to you. Although you less see us cry, we do cry when we’re hurt although we do that thing in secret most of the time.

I wrote this to debunk the common thoughts that INTJs are more of a villain type. That we are heartless and we don’t care for other people.

This is also a message to those Christians who are also an INTJ. You are not alone. I, too, sometimes struggle over my love of spending time alone and reconciling it with the people’s expectations for me to fellowship with others.

You are not alone in thinking differently most of the time, and how much you value truth and justice inside the church especially when other church members keep on sinning.

To love and care are more of a moral value than something we relate to a personality type.

Everybody feels. Everybody cares. It’s just we show it differently. 

  • I may be an introvert, but I love spending time with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • I may be Intuitive but that doesn’t give me an excuse not to be discerning.
  • I may be more of a thinker but I feel deeply when it comes to what I believe in.
  • And I may be a Judging type but I know who is the real Judge alone. I may plan things ahead and judge what the outcome will be, but I know that GOD has the best plans for me.

We are all made different by GOD. He loves this diversity we give Him basing on our personalities.

But when it comes to loving and obeying Him, GOD expects us to be the same, and no personality type should be an excuse for that. 


In Christ,






7 Comments Add yours

  1. ebbasage says:

    I’m nearly 60 years old, and my greatest heartache has to do with being an INTJ and being misunderstood. It’s not that I’m a poor communicator. I just think more rationally and less emotionally than almost every other woman I know, BUT I feel things very deeply and when it comes right down to it, I believe that I’m more genuinely empathetic than some of my more emotional counterparts. They seem to burst their feelings out there, then they’re over it. When I don’t respond the same way, I am perceived as uncaring or cold.

    My other regret is that I was born into an anti-college family. If I had it to do over again, I would have gotten more formal education (without feeling like I was sinning), and would now feel better about using all the talents and gifts that God gave me. It’s not that I’m a failure, by any means, but I had far more potential than was realized. If I could encourage young Christian INTJ women now, it would be to test early, in regards to personality type and giftedness, and go for it!

    1. KrizSummer says:

      Hello Ma’am 🙂 Thank you so much for commenting on this post. ☺☺☺ I’m encouraged. You’re jusy in time to uplift me. GOD BLESS YOU. ☺

  2. I can relate to this. I’m an INTJ-A as well, and I really enjoyed this. My favorite part is when you said how INTJ feels.
    I’m really hoping that people, not just Christians actually, read this. It captures a lot about how INTJ personality and faith are related. It’s just a personality, and I believe that we can be blessings for other people in a lot of ways, including being an INTJ person.
    I’m gonna share this via my twitter account. Although not many of my friends are using twitter, but I’ll just give it a go. Who knows? It could be a blessing for those who read it 😀

    1. KrizSummer says:

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate that. 🙂 God bless you. 🙂

  3. M says:

    Oh wow. This is a really cool read. I’m an a Christian, Male, ENFP. Supposedly ENFP’s and INTJ’s make a really great match, so I’ve always been curious about INTJ females that are Christians and how they think and feel. They’re very unique, rare and mysterious! Lol. You hear the stereotype that INTJs are heartless and have no emotion or show love. But I always wondered about how a Christian INTJ girl would act, talk and be like. Really cool and interesting!

  4. Hi. I’m female and INTP-A I share your dilemma about being a more rational logical type of Christian. My ideas and questions about biblical doctrine and traditionally held beliefs aren’t taken so kindly by fellow Christians. I find it very lonely as I value Truth above anything else and I’m willing to change my beliefs about God, the universe, life, myself, everything if it proves previously held views, thoughts, and beliefs wrong. I readily will topple my personal feelings on the issues and augment my schemata or framework with this new information regardless of how others pressure me or how I personally feel, no matter how painful. This has created in me a lot of growth and compassion, but isolated me from others who reject anything that doesn’t “feel” right or good to them. Thank you for the gift of this blog. I can really relate in some fashion to your struggle. God bless.

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