How can you get rid of
worries that chokes your soul?
How can you mend a broken heart
and make it whole?

Why You Should NOT Always Pity The Lone Wolves

If there is a description that people will most probably say about me, it’s: “She is most of the time alone.“ Every time I go out and eat alone and someone who knows me saw me, they will always ask: “Bakit ka mag-isa? (Why are you alone?)” and the hard part is that when you…

FREE eBook for Singles

Hello my dear readers! Me and my friends from PSA made a book for all the Singles out there. It’s our way of sharing our care and love for all the Singles who chose to make things right and wait patiently for God’s time. I was not deeply involved in editing, lay-outing and sending it…

Letting Go of Finding Validation in Wrong Places

If there is one thing I learned during this ongoing series in my blog entitled “Lessons on Letting Go”, it’s this: That I have my own struggle that I must learn to let go of before the year ends.

The “Surplus” Product

I remember the first time I heard the word “Surplus”. It was said by my mom when she arrived one day at our home with one set of encyclopedias that she bought from someone who is selling Surplus products. I was 10 that time and without even enough reason, I imagined them as products shipped…