Woke Culture and Our Fallen Nature

Does becoming the ‘salt and light’ of this world equates to becoming more socially aware? In this article, I will tackle the origin of woke culture and why Christians must not consider it as the right path in dealing the problems in our society.


Love was never lost
It was you who needs to be found
It is your eyes that need to finally see
What real Love is and how it should be.

Letting Go of My Comfort Zone

Stepping out of our comfort zones may mean rocky hills, raging waters, or muddy planes, but, let’s step on it anyway. Let’s turn away from life’s mediocrity and pursue His will in each of our lives.

A Letter to Every Complaining Heart

Dear Readers, Last Monday, I went to a far-flung community to prepare for our next week’s Summer Youth Camp. Hours before my departure, I never thought that the people from that place will touch my life in a way I’ve never expected. A week before, I’ve been a little ungrateful to God. I had so…