What To Do If He Doesn’t Pursue You

So how can Christian women behave regarding this? Should we be anxious if the guy whose been chatting you online and takes you out for a ‘date’ (but you’re not sure if it’s a date) has been puzzling you? Do we really have to overnanalyze everything?

5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Spreading Gossips

Gossip is not good. We all know that, BUT do you still help is spreading gossips? Here are five reasons why you must stop doing that:

Fleeting Friendships

Do you still remember your first friend in Kinder? Or that kid whom you shared your sandwich with? How about your friends in Grade School? Can you still remember the laughter you shared and the childish fights you had? Maybe some of you don’t. In fact for my part, I don’t remember all of them…

The ‘Friendzoned’ Love Affair

Friendzone? Don’t ask me where that word came from. I just woke up one day and learned that word from my friend. Then months after that, I found myself trapped on that place. For me, being ‘friendzoned’ is more critical than having a disease that feels like you have a raging war inside. It is…