Another Life Update

Hello Everyone! Life has been busy for me lately. I dropped by to say I passed my Board Exam last Sept 2020 after it has been delayed for 6 months. 😊 I have a lot to say, but I’ll post if for another blog. The LORD has been good. I am now a Medical Frontliner in the Philippines, but cases are still rising in my country. Hopefully the vaccines will help ease the burdens of all the Medical Frontliners.

This is me (right) with my Colleague. 😊

I hope to be back in blogging soon, but for now, please include me in your prayers. Two weeks ago, Four (among the Medical Team which I am a part of) got infected with Covid and another four were quarantined for being close contact with them. Please pray it won’t happen again because if somebody gets sick or quarantined, the rest of the team will double their workload. Please pray for protection for me and my team. May the LORD keep us safe. Your prayers are greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading this.

In Christ, KrizSummer


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