My sleepy head, your simple greet
People say that’s not how should lovers meet
You told me stories I don’t want to know
Never thought right after that, feelings will grow.

Simple tease, feelings I don’t need
I was mourning over a love that was full of greed
I told you stories you don’t need to know
That’s how my feelings started to grow.

Simple smiles, Intertwined hands
Never thought I’ll be stuck in a sinking sand
My heart is throbbing and I don’t want you to know
So I start writing about the feelings I will never show.

Bleeding pen; Thoughts of you all night
I have no firm reason to hold on very tight
I was scared that my feelings will finally show
So I dimmed the lights that were starting to glow

Denim and White, I was drunk all night
With no reasons, we almost ended up with a fight
You went to my table and asked what’s going on
But everything’s dreamy and I need to move on.

Raising signals, our inconsistencies
Remember when I told you we were meant to be?
Your stare scared the hell out of me
So I rush to turn my head so you can’t see
That those words mean something to me.

© KrizSummer

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