​She is summer and winter all in one

The breeze that reminds you of the scorching sun

A snowstorm that freezes all that comes her way

The drought that killed those who wanted to stay.

She is a lone wolf lost in the dark forest

A pilgrim who is looking for a place to rest

A wildflower thriving after the heavy rain

A wounded soldier that tries to hide her pain

She is a Queen in a kingdom no one has ever heard

The lover of a Hero her people have cursed

The painting no one wants to understand

The beggar they have stoned yet still tries to stand

She is a comet the universe forgot to ignite

The poem you wish you were able to write

An unread book at the back of the shelves

Not waiting to be read by someone else.

She may contradict herself in so many ways

Like a diamond you thought won’t easily break 

And though she is a fragile piece at twenty-five,

She will always stand tall and eager to survive.

© KrizSummer


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