I’m 25 and Never Been In A Relationship

My 12 year-old self will probably laugh at me. She believes that at the age of 23, I’ll meet the the man that I am going to marry. She will surely ask me what happened, and then she will remind me that I was once a boy-crazy/fangirl with all those posters inside my room. She will tell me that this is not what we’ve planned. I’m sorry to break her heart, but God has a different plan.


“Single person who loves Jesus is much more like a married person who loves Jesus than like a single person who doesn’t know him. We’ll know Jesus forever and be loved by him for eternity. This is way more central to our identity than our marital status. Don’t think of yourself as unwanted by any prospective spouses. Know yourself as loved forever by Jesus.”  — Stephen Witmer; Will I Be Single Forever?

People who are in a relationship always ask me if it feels better being someone who is still single in my mid 20s or it’s lonelier. Most of the time, I answer them with laughter because I think that question is too subjective. Some would say it’s better and some would say it’s quite lonely.


“To be wanted by God is better than being wanted by a thousand men.” — John Piper; Will I Be Single For The Rest of My Life

I have never felt this kind of pressure before. I already came to a point wherein I cry at night while thinking that this might be my life until I die. I am a Medical Student, so I know all those risks in pregnancy when you marry in your 30s. I have been constantly pressured by my relatives and classmates why I haven’t been in a relationship. They say things about improving how I dress and everything so I can ‘attract’ guys. My clothes are more of modest blouses, pants and skirts. I love it when my blouse covers my neck. I wear those clothes not because I don’t want to attract men or I’m too religious, it’s more of I am comfortable when I don’t show some skin. They said I should refrain from being too serious about everything like showing my faith and telling people about Christ because men are scared with too religious women. They think if they are going to befriend and flirt with me, I’d think about our wedding the next day. But that’s not what is in my mind. People around me even want to change my lifestyle so I could be found by the one that is right for me, but I think I’d be attracting the wrong ones more if I display myself differently.


“My marital status may read “single” on my tax return, but I am not unclaimed. I do belong to someone. And this is not some elusive future spouse. I’m speaking of Christ. I am his.” — Leanna Branner; My Dream Singleness

For me, this is not a sad place. It feels good that I don’t need to update someone about my daily routines or ask permission if I can go out with my friends. I don’t have to worry if someone gets jealous or get angry. I can watch and enjoy a movie alone and feel happy. I can explore places and travel alone completely satisfied. I have no regrets that I am still single, but honestly, I get curious how it feels to be in a relationship. I wonder if I will be able to treat him right knowing that I have no experience in that kind of relationship. I wonder how that kind of love actually feels, and how we can differentiate it from infatuation. I don’t know the answers because I haven’t tried it.


“When service and joy collide, there is less room in my heart for discontentment or loneliness, because the gaze of my heart is turned outward and upward. When service to Christ and joy in Christ are married in me, I am able to see that every gift he gives is good — even when it does not come in the shape of a diamond ring.” — Katelynn Luedke; The Unwanted Gift of Singleness

There are times that I really feel hopeless. I have tendencies to plan everything although I know that God has greater plans for me. I plan when to settle down and what specialization to get so I can still take care of my future kids. But every time I look at my life, I get discouraged and think of other option on how to live this life if ever that I will be single for the rest of my life. And then there are times that I feel hopeful. I start to pick myself up and think of a brighter future ahead. I’d be faking it if I say that I don’t desire marriage because I really do. I want to become a wife and a mother and raise godly children. But I also know that my life is up to God, and His plans are always better.


“No matter what you are hoping for, he has not decided to give it to someone else and asked you to settle for something less. You haven’t missed out, and you will not be excluded from all the good and perfect gifts God provides. Each one points us to the ultimate best gift: himself. Our redemption in Christ and the promise of eternity with him. If we are in Christ, nothing can compare to what he has already given and the grace he pours over us daily.” — MaryLynn Johnson; Singleness is God’s Best For Me Today

Most of my friends are guys, and sadly, I was put in the ‘friendzone’ thrice when I was in college and once in Med School. It’s not that I was the one who initiated the courtship. It was more of I developed some feelings in the long run, but the guy doesn’t like me the way I was seeing it. I am not a ‘too girly’ kind of woman but I’m not boyish as well. It’s just that I don’t see something wrong with having guys as your close friends. But as time goes by, I learned that I must put boundaries when it comes to building friendships with the opposite sex. Just this year, I learned it the hard way.


Some say I can take pride of this because I am waiting in the most awesome way, but the truth is, it humbles me down. For me, you cannot equate purity with celibacy. Purity has something to do with our heart — our desires and what motivates us. You can be outwardly ‘holy-looking’, but your heart is far from God. Sometimes virgin women take pride with saving sex for marriage thinking that it’s the only way we measure purity, but it’s not.

Purity isn’t a gold band around your finger; it’s a commitment to be holy because God is holy (1 Peter 1:16). Virginity is one teeny-tiny piece of that puzzle. Virginity is a behavior choice; purity is a heart choice. Yes, God calls us to keep the marriage bed pure (Heb. 13:4), but He also says:

Erin Davis; It’s My Fault You’re Still Single


To live is not to marry. To live is not to raise children. To live is not to find “the one.” To live is Jesus Christ. — Greg Morse; Marriage is not the Mission

If there is a great lesson I learned with being single, it’s surrending my plans to God and being truly satisfied in Him alone. I learned not to plan all those smallest details of my life and trust Him with everything.

If you’re someone who desires marriage, being single at the age of 25 is quite alarming. Maybe you’re going to ask yourself so many questions and sometimes feel you’re not worth it. But everytime it haunts me, I remind myself that God doesn’t owe me a spouse.

Sometimes we feel unsatisfied because God didn’t give us a spouse or those things we desire, but let us remind ourselves that God doesn’t even owe us salvation, how much more with the other details of our lives. When you found that satisfaction in Christ, your joy will overflow that even if you will not get married soon, you will still be happy because that is God’s will for you and we, His children, must delight in Him.

Soli Deo Gloria.


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  1. “Single person who loves Jesus is much more like a married person who loves Jesus than like a single person who doesn’t know him.”

    That’s very well stated, and very true, because loving Jesus makes us better off in marriage as well as singleness. It brings us the character, stability, and maturity we need. If I am to be married, I want it to be married well, able to handle my wife’s rejections, flaws, and judgments (for any marriage will bring those) because I’m founded on the love of God.

    1. KrizSummer says:

      Amen. I agree with all that you said, Brandon. God bless you.

  2. Oh, we are part of an “elite” group of women who He has set aside. I LIVE the fact that I’m 46 and single, no, no relationship. Although, I absolutely marvel at the thought that my own grandmother secretly told my mother, when I was in my early 20’s that she believed that I was a lesbian. I’ve also had others in our community approach me with questionable comments. I laughed, I’ve been bravely approached by women who DO NOT conduct themselves as the women God made them to be. Bless you for sharing this post! We really are an elite group. I just can’t get comfortable with a man in the flesh. It feels GOoD to have the man I live not hog the bed, the covers, snore or get on my nerves. I LOVE my Love…..He’s amazing.

    1. KrizSummer says:

      Thank you so much Ma’am for your comment. I can feel that you are satisfied in God alone. 😊 God bless you.

  3. Correction of typo–*I LOVE the fact*–

  4. Jamie Carter says:

    I had to learn that there’s not a one size fits all approach to living life no matter how much the church pretends that there is one. I still find it disheartening to have nowhere to belong, because that’s the way it is. Statistically, single women outnumber single men in Christianity; no matter how you slice and dice it, somewhere some women will always be left-over. I just wish the church would have something useful; but since it’s all marriage and babies and doing crafts as busywork, well, I figured I’d put my considerable skills to use online. At least nobody tells me: “No, you’re not supposed to study that.” or “It’s improper for you to study this.”

    1. I, too, busy myself with crafting and writing.😁 Thank God He gave me the capacity and ability to do several types of crafts but writing is the heart of it all.

    2. KrizSummer says:

      I think Ma’am, it depends on the church that you are in because I don’t feel condemned in my church right now. I hope you can find a fellowship that is sensitive to your needs. Afterall, we are commanded to meet and have a fellowship. I also said in this post that this is a subjective topic. So, I think it’s clear that what could be true to me is not true for you. God bless you.

      1. Jamie Carter says:

        I was more referring to “the plan”: marry young, have children right away. They really have no idea what to do with those of us who are older and single. Do you think that there is a one size fits all plan for how to live our lives? Is there any hope for those of us who are too old?

  5. esorenneiluj25 says:

    I’m 26 and never been in a relationship. I can totally relate.

    1. KrizSummer says:

      Apir tayo jan, sis. Haha. 😂

  6. Reblogged this on Brandon J. Adams and commented:
    In which truth bombs from John Piper’s gang and good perspectives on singleness abound.

    1. KrizSummer says:

      Thank you for the reblog 😊 God bless you.

    1. KrizSummer says:

      Salamat, Doc. hehe

  7. Beautiful state of mind, KrizSummer. I am sharing on my Facebook page as there has been much discussion with members of my church on this. Beautiful and encouraging post.

    1. KrizSummer says:

      Thank you so much for sharing it. 😊 God bless you, Ma’am 😊

  8. What a beautiful post! It reminds me of the verse in 1Cor. that our devotion should be focused on God, and of His love statements to us, such as IS 43. Thanks for all you shared! And a hearty Amen!

    1. KrizSummer says:

      You’re welcome! Thank you for your comment. I appreciate it. God bless you. 😊

  9. akongaito says:

    Reblogged this on P.S.A..

  10. Barton Jahn says:

    Very insightful and articulate post.

  11. Tati says:

    Hi! I actually read your blog post about “learning it the hard way” and honestly went through a similar situation at the beginning of this year! I can’t believe how relatable everything was… I’m also a female INTJ (done multiple tests still end up being INTJ), who’s Christian… I don’t know whether to laugh or cry or both, been looking for a logical answer which I know I’ll never find, and to have your post up here is awesome!! I can’t explain how but what happens leaves no regrets and knowing that it was a learning and growing opportunity makes not having a logical answer that much better. It knocked me off my feet and humbled me down enough to finally see my need for God’s strength to get back up again and for that one thing I am thankful. 😆

    1. KrizSummer says:

      Hello. I’m glad you found my blog. 😊 Glad to meet you here. I’m.not hurt anymore buy that experience traumatized me. 😂😂😂

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