The dawn is here
And I’m still wide awake.
The ghost of my past lingers
In every breath that I take.

How can you get rid of
worries that chokes your soul?
How can you mend a broken heart
and make it whole?

My life has been about waiting
For a sailor that I haven’t met.
My life has been about writing stories
That my soul doesn’t want to forget.

But like how easy the waves give up,
I learned not to keep my hopes up.

For life is not always a fairytale
And sometimes you don’t have stories to tell
Could it be that there is no Prince Charming,
And I’ve spent my life foolishly waiting?

The sun will soon be here
And reality will hit me once again
That maybe all this time
I’ve spent my life waiting in vain.

© KrizSummer

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Macxermillio says:

    Wow..killer stuff. Resonates with me

  2. esorenneiluj25 says:

    Or maybe we spent our life waiting for the wrong things. Haha.

    I love your poem! More!

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