My midnight thoughts
Are owned by my past.

Like a black hole
That takes all that is in me
Until nothing’s left
except for my long list of “What If?

It echoes my soul’s regrets
For the dreams I chose to neglect
To chase something
I’ve learned to unlove
But it’s too late
to scream for something
I cannot have.

How can I find happiness
in something that
makes me hate it everyday?
How can I scream for joy
when it gives me reasons to loathe it
all my days?

How can I say it’s what I truly love
If loving myself is foreign in this place;
Should I go back to where I started,
And pick up what I’ve neglected?

But every time I fall into deep sleep
After wandering in the
darkest forest inside me,
My mind seems to forget
all the torment I felt.

Oh regrets!
Own my midnight thoughts until
it won’t be like this.
Although your presence make
me shout hopelessly,
I won’t still give up.

For even the dawn tells me
You won’t last.

The sun will rise again
to remind me of my
unending hope.
And all this hate,
and sadness
will die once again.

And even if the dusk
Will once again remind me
you’ll come back,
Behold, I am learning
how to truly fight back.

© KrizSummer


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  1. millionsrich says:

    Very nicely written.

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