Honest Musings: What I Don’t Like About Calvinism

It’s already 1AM here in the Philippines, and I have these thoughts that I have been thinking for a very long time now.

I believe in the Sovereignity of the Triune God, Doctrines of Grace and uphold the 5 solas, etc.

If you’re confused, I’m sorry, I can’t go on to details about that tonight because this is just a quick one. But I think it’s enough to say that my beliefs are Reformed.

But there’s this thing about my co-believers that bothers me a lot – Their pride.

I’m not saying the everyone is like that, but there are actually some. Every time I go to a Facebook page of Calvinists, some have this habit of arguing or debating in the comment section with those people who do not believe their beliefs.

You’re so quick to defend, but have you forgotten that it should humble you down?

There’s a big difference between rebuking and just merely arguing to feel good about yourself, but have you really examined your faith?

Believing that God has chosen ones, but only Him knows who are His should humble us down. Just because some people out there doesn’t believe what you believe (I’m talking about the doctrine of Grace and not false religions), it doesn’t mean they’re not saved.

Yes, I know you want to defend the truth, study the Word of God, but God also commanded us to love and love means having self-control.

Just because you are a self-proclaimed Calvinist, it doesn’t mean that you can take that as a ticket to heaven.

There were many Preachers since the reformation that faithfully uphold those beliefs, but do you think that the Godly men from that time are proud of what you’re doing right now? Is Christ magnified when you let your pride win in every unnecessary arguments online?

Those memes about being ‘reformed’ that I always see on Facebook sometimes upset me. We always rebuke false teachers and make fun out of it most of the time instead of edifying the church about the seriousness of that offense. That’s why we have this some breed of believers who approach the Doctrines of Grace with misconception because instead of pointing people to Christ, they made it a habit to ALWAYS exposing false teachers and nothing else!

If you truly believe that Christ must be the center, point them to Christ! You are just inviting misunderstanding and arguments when you ALWAYS expose false teachers without first giving the gospel so that people will fully understand what you believe in. I’m not saying that there should be no fun, but having fun without looking too arrogant is possible.

There is always a perfect time to rebuke or defend your faith, and I think being too fixated on giving your ‘defense’ lose the real essence of how it really feels like to follow Christ.

So please, you who understand so little about what you proclaim as something that you believe, just simply stop being too arrogant. Stop acting like a baby who is having tantrums because someone doesn’t believe what you believe in.

Accept that not all will be convinced that what you believe in is all right.

So if you’re a Calvinist and you’re doing things that makes you look arrogant, think about your faith…

Is it genuine?

We should be ambassadors of peace rather than someone that aggravates dispute. We can share our beliefs without being too aggressive in doing so. We can talk to them and clarify things without being too arrogant. If not all can accept the offensive message of the Bible, just let it be. You don’t have to insult others just to make your point clear.

It’s time to extend our mercy to those who always have something bad to say about us. Some even call us a ‘cult’ just because we’re quite too different from the rest of the world. But deny yourself and carry the Cross! Embrace these trials that we face when we start preaching about Grace.

The Bible will always be offensive for every deprived man, but be humble still. Because that’s what God wants us to do.

If salvation is all because of God’s grace, just remember that these spiritually-dead people can’t be raised to life apart from Christ. So learn to extend your patience in dealing with them. Just like how God has been patient to you even before you knew him.


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  1. Agreed. The recent arguments over The Shack, too, really brought out the ugly side of certain people. Whatever else they were correct about, insults and put-downs dominated their words. The anger and fear were striking. It’s like they assume their opponents are exceptions to the command to treat each other with gentleness, just because they disagree on doctrine. It’s grievous.

    1. KrizSummer says:

      That’s really sad. 😦 For me, if what you ALWAYS have are rebukes, that’s pride. Calvinism is not about defense ALL the time. I’m sick of those people. I even wonder if those who are like that were saved.

  2. Imay says:

    Facebook is not the best place to argue about beliefs nor rebuke someone.

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