The right time has come to let these thoughts go
To finally put my pen down for the right reasons;
I’m letting this bitterness go back to where it belongs
It’s time to free myself and let my soul sing joyful songs.

I have longed to erase you from my memories
Even looked at the sky and wondered how to truly forget;
But one day I realized that I don’t need to feel this pain
I know I can run away from this and embrace my real gain.

The paths where we met, I don’t long to revisit
The bridge that I burned, I don’t desire to build again;
What was done is done and there’s nothing to look back
It is time to obey God and go back to the right track.

The sunset that’ll take all my aches is finally here
The sea of sorrows is now pulling its waves back
And they’re taking my memories of you with them.
At last, my dear friend, I am now at the end.

© KrizSummer

P.S This is for the guy I mentioned in this entry. Please don’t do it again to other women. GROW UP. 


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Andy Oldham says:

    Profoundly beautiful!

    1. KrizSummer says:

      Thank you, Sir. ☺

  2. Beautiful poem Kriz, I love it! Here is a poem I will share with you as a blessing to embrace your poem;

    ‘A Prayer For A Genuine Seeking Heart’

    May your dreams become a lovely reality
    May you find that special one you need
    One who will put you far ahead of them
    While daily striving to satisfy your needs

    May they be one whose heart is truly selfless
    One who will always seek to be genuinely true
    May they greet your precious smile each day,
    With a priceless gift of love born for only you

    May your hearts seek to become one together
    Never ever wanting a single day to be apart
    May God bless your life with a priceless gem
    A reward for your faithful pleasing heart

    For God will hear your fervent prayers nightly
    While embracing their true pureness alive within
    Wanting to answer them very perfectly for you
    With someone spiritually special chosen by Him.
    Have a beautiful week ahead my sister!

    1. KrizSummer says:

      Wow! Thank you so much, Sir! I love it. I feel comforted. God bless you, Sir. ☺

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