This is a poem I made with my friend, Hanna Paula Jinayon. Cheers to our first collaboration. 😊

He had you at “hello” and charmed you with his “hi’s”
Looking perfect as he was,
you couldn’t help to keep him shunned

He starts to woo you with his wits
like jokes that find their way to your laughter
He’ll lead you on to thinking
you’re the only one he’s after

He puzzles you with his words
like codes you need to decipher
He hides his feelings between his laughs
and make you fall in love and wonder.

He sings your favorite song
and will forever not leave your mind
He will let you feel he loves you too
yet say in the end that he was just being kind.

He is a knight in shining armor
and you are the damsel in distress
He will rescue you from your despair
but leave you behind just like the rest.

He comes like a summer breeze
to bring comfort to your weary soul
like fresh air under the scorching sun,
you will still believe he is the one.

He will make you feel you found your home,
your comfort zone
like one you can call your own.

He will make you think he felt all that too
At his disposal he will try keeping you too

But soon he’ll back out when the path is too steep
and the waves aren’t as still.
Just when you reach the coast
he’ll set off at his will

He will look for plain fields and find his home there
That’s when you’ll learn he’s afraid of the water
and for him the shallows are too deep.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Macxermillio says:

    Clever, clever.😊

  2. hopereigns says:


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