Like A Wildflower

Consider how the wild flowers grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. – Luke 12:27

I’ve always loved wildflowers.

I used to pick some while playing at a field near our house when I was a kid. I’ve always wondered how they grow beautifully even without our help.

But I’ve always wondered too why despite their beauty, we always seem to think of them as not precious as those flowers that we buy at the market. We see them as cheap, too little and insignificant.

For years, I’ve considered myself as a wildflower – independent yet sometimes unimportant.

Maybe most of you who are reading this may think that I’m just another blogger who is too insecure of who she is, well yes, maybe you’re right. 🙂

I admit that I am not confident with my physical appearance. And honestly, I don’t consider myself as beautiful.

For me, such recognition should not be something that we keep on emphasizing. Let others praise you but never let vanity choke you up and make you puff up with pride for your so called ‘beauty’. I do not dream of being on the center stage. I am already comfortable with just being on the sidelines and let others enjoy the limelight.

This is not a pitiful cry over my insecurities, but a celebration in knowing that despite these, I am still proud to say that I live like a wildflower.

I once wrote a poem that goes like this:

She is a wildflower in a rose field

Caught between the thorns of others beauty

Lives every day like she’s below everyone

And thought she can’t be like them in any way

 That poem is actually a description of myself and the insecurities that I sometimes feel.

In this world full of many beautiful women from different places, to think of myself as someone higher than them is something that is quite odd for me.

It’s easy for me to appreciate beauty, but to gain praises for it was never been my goal. I easily shy away when people say I am beautiful. It seems like I do not deserve to receive those words so I sometimes end up only smiling at them. I don’t even know how to respond positively without looking like I am too proud of myself. Should I say thank you? or should I compliment them too? Or maybe I’ll just do both?

During our last Medicine Night, I walked towards the hall without my eyeglasses. I want to look different even for a little while so I decided to take it off even just for some few minutes. Many among my classmates were not able to recognize me because they rarely see me without my glasses. I have astigmatism and myopia at the same time. Thus, I cannot wear typical contact lenses just like those who have myopia or hyperopia alone. I need special hybrid lenses called toric contact lenses if I desire to have one, but I personally do not prefer to have it. So just imagine my struggle while walking on the red carpet without it and trying to figure out who were those people talking to me from a distance and saying that they did not recognize me. But the moment I sat down on my designated place, I put it on. I cannot compromise my eyesight just for the sake of looking beautiful.

For so many reasons, that moment is actually a shadow of how showing off looks like nowadays…

We compromise our real comfort. We show them what they need so we can get the praises that we want to hear. It seems like some of us live for what people expect from us or how beauty should look like based on the models we see on magazines or the celebrities we look up to.

But that kind of thinking actually steals the real love that we should have for our self. To indulge ourselves into so much vanity will make feel us happy for awhile, but you will eventually get tired of wanting other’s approval especially if you feel like you need to level up what you must show them so you can constantly get their attention.

Eventually, you will act like you’ve been trying so hard to please everybody. You will end up feeling like you’ve tried so hard to get everybody’s attention but you forgot to respect yourself.

When you feel like you need to show-off or worry about what others might think of you, LOOK AT THE WILDFLOWERS.

Look how beautiful they are despite growing on the fields without our help. In some instances, they are caught in between the thorns of other’s beauty yet they choose not to dwell on their adversities and continue to grow with no worries if they’re valuable compared to others that has been getting the attention of many people.

Look at how they thrive despite the storms that came to destroy them. They refuse to stay beaten up by the raging wind that threatens to steal everything they have. They refuse to die when the weather push them to cry in despair and ask why they have to get through all of those things.

Look how they grow and not worry about how they might be seen by others. They joyfully scatter throughout the fields even if at some point they will meet flowers that are more beautiful than them.

We sometimes put too much emphasis on what others expect from us and even on how we should look like.

But remember that our true beauty must not depend on how we display ourselves. Rather, it must root from the virtues we cultivate within.

Are you bearing the fruits of the Holy Spirit? Are growing towards becoming the godly woman that God desires you to become?

It’s okay to feel less with regards to the physical beauty that this world expects us to have. Remember that you are not defined by the beauty that this world tries to show us.

We must not nurture a heart that desires the shallow things, but rather nurture a heart that desires to be truly rooted in the definition of beauty that we will find in God’s Word:

“Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.” – 1 Peter 3:3-4

“I also want the women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, adorning themselves, not with elaborate hairstyles or gold or pearls or expensive clothes,

but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God.” – 1 Timothy 2:9-10

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised. – Proverbs 31:30

Live like a wildflower – a peculiar beauty molded by adversities. They may look less beautiful in the eyes of men, but they will always remain beautiful and important in the eyes of God.

In Christ,





Sharing to you one of my favorite songs:

So be my healer, be my comfort, be my peace.
Cause I can be broken, I can be needy,
Lord I need You now to be,
Be my God, so I can just be me.

And be my savior, be my lifeline, won’t You be my everything.
Cause I’m so tired of trying to be someone
I was never meant to be
Be my God

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Imay says:

    Wildflowers are also my favorite, but I have never thought about them this way! This is so encouraging! Well, as always from you! I need it today. Thanks for sharing!

    1. KrizSummer says:

      Hello Ate Imay! Thank you. 🙂 I hope everything is fine. God bless you, po and take care always. 🙂

      1. Imay says:

        Thanks! Just wanna let you know you inspire me every time I read your posts. Same struggles in some ways, but you know what, God is sovereign in every time, even in our singleness. 🙂

      2. KrizSummer says:

        Awww. Salamat Ate. 🙂 I want to be like you po. Resilient and still looking up despite the uncertainties. Honestly, I’m still struggling paano i-love ang singleness as it is. Confused ako kung magiging hopeful pa ba ako na merong dadating o tanggapin ko na ba? Haha. Marami pa rin akong tanong kay Lord regarding that. Hahaha.

      3. Imay says:

        Likewise! Ako rin. For the most part I love and enjoy singleness, but there’s always one of those days. 😦 God is working in me every single day. Na-accept ko na minsan na Baka maging single na Lang ako pero we have that strong desire to get married eh. Hay buhay hehe.

      4. KrizSummer says:

        Haha. Sige lang ate. Let’s enjoy this moment. 😀 Kahit maraming tanong. Haha. Someday it will all make sense. GOD bless you po! Good night ate. 😀

  2. Imay says:

    I mean, in everything!! Haha

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