She is a wild flower on a rose field
Caught between the thorns of others beauty
Lives every day like she’s below everyone
And thought she can’t be like them in any way

She is a little street lamp in the city of lights
Trying her best to glow and share her light
But she never thinks her light makes a difference
Who is she if lights still exist if she doesn’t?

She is a little shell along the white shore
Being tossed as she waits for a kid to pick her up
Smiling as she sees others happy with her friends
But no kid ever thought of picking her up instead

But little did she know…
There is someone out there who loves wild flowers
There is a pilgrim who needs her light
And there is a kid who wants her imperfect shape
It’s just the perfect time that she needs to wait



Inspired by my love for wild flowers and the beach.☺

One Comment Add yours

  1. Imay says:

    Inspiring! 🙂

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