I Want To Become A Neurologist, But…

Most of the people in my class hate Neurology for so many reasons. Some say it’s too hard. Some say you need so much imagination just to figure out what you want to know. It takes a lot of brain stimulation to love the brain itself, and only few in the end will love this field.

From my Neuroanatomy Days up to the time I was taught how to diagnose Neurologic Diseases, I am a constant fan of how magnificent the brain is. Even just by studying it, you can testify to GOD’s existence. I remember two of the Neurologists who taught us said in between their lectures something like: “Look how creative GOD is…How He crafted such thing to be that much complex.” I admire how they look at knowledge itself. And how GOD’s creation put them in awe of its Maker.

I once told my Parents that maybe I’d go to Neurology someday. And with no hesitation, my Mom said “That’s too ambitious.” I love my Mom, and how she shares his thoughts and I respect that she was just being too realistic. Only few goes to Neurology and only few could thrive in it longer. So the possibility of not being one of them is bigger than the possibility that maybe I am.

I want to become a Neurologist, but I am not at the top of the class. They say if you want to become a Neurologist, you should be one of the most intelligent in your class. But how do you measure one’s intelligence? Through exams? Through skills? Or through her drive to reach her goal?

I want to become a Neurologist, but I have so many insecurities. And one of which is that, I am not from any BIG Medical Schools from my country. What if I’ll give my residency application someday and they’ll just reject me because I am a nobody? What if they’ll judge me right away without even testing my skills?

I want to become a Neurologist, but is it really what GOD wants me to be? If there is a question about my career choices that haunts me most, it’s this. What if this is just a fleshly want and not what I need? Could I be an effective Christian who speaks about Christ if this is the field that I want? How can He use me through it then?

I want to become a Neurologist because I love this Medical field more that any other Medical fields, and I want to work someday driven by love and what keeps my interest more, than just choosing a Medical field for financial gain.

But even though I dream of things such as this, I know that at the end, only GOD’s plan will prevail. If He put this dream in me for a reason, then He will do everything for this to come to pass — He will do everything for me to become a Neurologist if that is what is aligned to His will.

What makes a Christian different from others when it comes to decision making is this: We know that GOD has better plans for us, so let Him be the One who will guide us in the ways that we will choose.

I want to become a Neurologist, but if you’ll make me choose between GOD and this dream, I’d be willing to give up everything for HIM.

It all goes down to obeying Him.

Whatever that thing you are starting to want in your life, think if it is the will of GOD for you to desire that. His purpose will prevail, and not to go against what He wants is the safest and most satisfying decision to make. 

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails. PROVERBS 19:21




In Christ,





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