When Your Efforts Are Not Enough

Hello there! It’s been awhile since the last time I was able to write here. :/

After a long vacay back in my hometown, where I drowned myself with Non-Med Books, I’m back again in MedSchool!

I was really overwhelmed by the changes that our University did: from change in our curriculum, new University President, new Dean, new Faculty Members, and last but the most shocking of all, new passing grade. It shocked me so much that I even cried the night after I knew about that. Getting through last year was already hard for me. And now that they’re going to squeeze so much from us, I have to double my efforts just to keep myself from being kicked out from Med School.

One of the things that I somehow don’t like about MedSchool is that, sometimes my efforts are not enough for me to know the things that I must know or get the score that I am aiming. There are times that I am confident that I will be able to have the score that I am aiming, but then, when the results came out, I wasn’t even able to reach my aim.

There are also times that I’ve tried so hard to read everything that was mentioned to be included on the exam and yet, on the day of the exam, you’ll realize that you haven’t actually read everything. You thought you did, but you actually missed a lot. And worse, the pressure starts when you begin to think that you are too dumb to be in MedSchool. Every month, that doubt keeps on haunting us.

I actually just got home from school, and just this morning, we had our very first exam in Pathology. And it’s really really really hard! The test was able to squeeze everything that I have absorbed for the past days, but it seems like it’s really not enough (I know all Med Students and Doctors out there know how I feel).

I went home really drained and very upset, but then I remember a certain blog entry entitled “75 Bible Verses That Got Me Through Med School Exams” that my college friend shared to me a month ago. It’s actually one of the most popular Christian posts made by a Med Student that has been circulating in the internet.

My favorite part was when the writer quoted Philippians 3:13-14 that says “But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” And the writer also said on his post: “I refuse to dwell on my past failures, my past mistakes, or the impossibility of my circumstances.

I couldn’t help not to cry when I read that part. I know deep inside that I have to be strong, and let go of the things that I cannot change anymore. I thank the owner of that blog for sharing those verses and for helping other Medical Students across the world get through Med School. 🙂

I believe, the only thing that kept me going in MedSchool is my faith in God. It’s really easy to believe in yourself and think that you write your own destiny, but when everything falls apart and circumstances will make you realize that you don’t hold your life, you will eventually come into your senses and realize that, there is a Sovereign God who rules the Earth and He is the only One who writes your own destiny. He knows what is ahead of you and He alone knows how you will be able to get through. 

So to all who are reading this and think that your efforts are not enough, may it be in your work, in your relationship with others or your studies, know that Jesus Christ is always enough for us. 

God is most glorified when we declare Him sufficient in the midst of great loss.” – Vaneetha Rendall

In depression, anxiety and weary, think of Jesus Christ. He offers comfort to the weary soul.

In failures you are facing, think of Jesus Christ and what He did on the Cross. Remind yourself that He reigns in victory every single day, and let that fact alone comfort you that there is no failure here on Earth that could ever defeat His Lordship. There is no greater joy than knowing that the enemy has been defeated and you are ransomed for His glory.

In all you do, think about Jesus Christ. In this busy world that we live in and the kinds of lifestyle that frequently compels us to get a taste of it, know that there is nothing more satisfying than tasting the salvation that comes through our Lord Jesus Christ. He alone can truly satisfy the needs of your soul.

And always remember: No career in this world will ever surpass the joy of having Christ in your life. And let that fact alone make you rejoice each and everyday.

Fix your eyes on Jesus even if it seems that your efforts are not enough. Rejoice in Him and everything will be okay! 🙂

All glory and Honor belongs to God alone.

In Christ,


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