Christ And Career

Last April, there was a blogger named Mary who commented on one of my pages here in my blog asking me to write about how my life is as a Medical Student walking with Christ. I was so excited to do it for her, but it took me months to say the things that I need to say. Indeed, everything has its right time and this is the right time for me to say these.

If someone would say, “That guy decided to pursue Medicine”, people will respond “Oh. That’s quiet tough. But maybe he got the brain to rock it.” And then some other people will oppose it by judging that person by his past academic performances or his family’s financial struggle.

If there are many good things people can tell about us, there will absolutely be things they can say that will give a stain on the white clothes we wear every day.

When you see a Doctor, you might jump in saying that, he has everything: money, fame, intellect, perfect health. Name it. People expect doctors to be the modern images of superheroes who successfully have their lives look perfect. But in reality, the journey in having that title is not just rocky, but muddy, dramatic, and sometimes heart-crushing…every bad thing mixed in one bowl is how I describe the trials we’re into every single day.

As a Christian and a woman, I find it hard to stand in the podium of this dream because somehow people from my own flock will judge me of being worldly, selfish, someone who wants to save herself from poverty and eventually sleep in a bed of money. It’s as if they view me to be a fake Christian because I long for a worldly fleeting knowledge.

Some would expect me to have a stable relationship with someone at early 20s and then get married and have a baby on mid 20s because they say that’s how a woman should be all about. I may have nothing against that, or maybe I do but I’m just scared to express it, but the thought of how people view Christian women who pursue post graduate studies really upset me. The veil of judgement they have in their faces blinded them to see that we are also Christians who pursued it for a godly purpose.

Even from the beginning of my time in this field, I was taught by God to be selfless. Less sleep for myself, less time for myself, less social life, even in some cases, I have to talk less, and listen more. I was already taught to think not just about my grades every time I study. I learned to think about my future patients every time I read words from thick books that I need to familiarize with.

What people see as a bed of roses kind of profession is not an easy mountain to climb. Just a single mistake can actually affect our future. Just a bit false theory that we will keep on believing for years can change the way we deal with our patients’ illnesses. Every step of the way should be understood not just for the sake of our grades but for the sake of the lives that we will encounter someday.

In this field you have to be compassionate. Who wants to talk to a doctor who doesn’t even care on what you are going through? You cannot trust a person who is not concerned of you. We have to look other people selflessly. You might see us to be people with higher intellects, but at the end of the day, our patients are the bosses and we will do everything just to make them feel better.

In my country where some people never have the privilege to consult a doctor, we are the ones that are expected to go to their places and not the other way around. Just like preaching the Good News, we are the ones who are expected to adapt in their places for them to know that Christ has come to save the sinners. And for this case, we go to a far-flung community to say that there is a cure for their diseases and there’s no need for them to suffer anymore. That will truly demand less time for myself but more time for other people.

So now, If money is all that matters for me, I could have gone to business. I could have ventured an adventure in this world as a merchant who dreams to have a mansion in a private island. If fame is what I thirst for, I could have gone to show business and work all day and night just for people to know me and praise me for what I’ve contributed in the industry. If knowledge is all that I eat, I could have spent all the days of my life arrogant and never even have the heart to believe in God because I think I know everything and the god I want to know is only myself. If perfect health for myself is what I yearn, I could have spent all the seconds of my life inside a lab perfecting a vaccine to be able to save myself from a virus that has been killing thousands of people. It’s simply saying that, If I was really that selfish, you might never even see me in Medicine. Never.

But honestly, you will never realize those things if you don’t have a faith that is strong enough to stand against all risk of losing it. In this field, you’re close to encounter skeptics, atheists and agnostics. You’ll meet all kinds of unbelief and it’s either they’ll influence you or you’ll influence them. Their hunger for too much knowledge swallowed their chances to be selfless. You might see selfless people in this field, but most of them are the ones who have their lives surrendered to God. Nonbelievers can thrive in this field. I know that, because I’ve encountered some. But only those who truly believe in God can live in this field knowing that they are nothing, and whatever accomplishments they’ll have, they owe it all to our Lord, Jesus Christ who gives us freedom from the bondage of this world.

Being a Christian in the field of Medicine is actually just the same of how a life of a Christian is in all kinds of profession. We are all commanded by Christ to be selfless and no field of work in this world will be an exception to that.

I thanked the Lord that even in this young age, I already learned that whatever career God has put you, you can be His workmanship. Just think more of what He can do to you on that field than thinking more on what you can get from that profession. I can be wealthy and wicked in this career just like what other careers could offer. But since I believe in God who demands my obedience, I renounce all forms of cruelty and sin in order to glorify His name.

Know that whatever this world offer, it will be temporary. But we worship a God that is eternal…a God that promised an everlasting life to those who truly believe Him. And that promise is not based on what you have achieved here on Earth, but what Jesus Christ has done on the Cross.

No worldly degree will ever give you a leap to heaven.

Whatever career you are pursuing right now, remember that it’s nothing if it’s done apart from glorifying the one true God.

It’s not about your career. It’s all about God.

All glory and honor belongs to God alone.

In Christ,


So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. – 1 Corinthians 10:31

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  1. My dear friend,Kriz

    Hello and how are you. Been long time haven’t read your blog post 🙂 this was such a great thought and excellent ending. I really love your statement on the last paragraph 🙂 it is all nothing without glorifying God. All we have is from God alone. Thank you for this such a great thought.,Kriz. Many blessings to you.

    1. KrizSummer says:

      Hello Karina. Thank you for reading my post. I’ve been busy for the past months but by God’s grace, I’m doing good. How are you? The last time I read a post of yours, you are expecting a baby. I pray for a good health ahead. God bless you my dear sister in Christ. 🙂

      1. Dear Kriz,
        Thank you for the reply. I am good too and been busy with my 2 months baby Andrew. Time run so fast 🙂 being a young mommy. Pray for you to so that everything going well to you and your study 🙂 God bless you too, my sweet sis.

  2. rolerrol says:

    Hey Kriz!!!!!
    It has been a long time my friend. It’s good hearing from. And as I can read from your post you have been quite busy! You are so right, it’s not about our career but it’s about God. In the area He has put us we must glorify Him! You are going to be a great doctor Kriz. I understand a bit of what you are going through because my friend is a doctor and it’s not an easy thing. Being a doctor has to be more than the money and status. Being a doctor is a calling and one not to be taken lightly. You have an awesome responsibility!

    Personally, I think the patients are so blessed to have you. You have a heart for the people and a heart for God, a heart that cries out, God use me!!!!! Remember Kriz, people may not understand what you do and read you all wrong but God understands fully and He is the One who does the blessing…..! He will bless you and reward you for your sacrifice! It’s not an easy task He has called you to but He has given you the grace to be there….

    It’s really good hearing from you Kriz….God bless you friend! 😄


    1. KrizSummer says:

      Hello Rolain. 🙂 Thank u for your encouraging words. I’m really blessed to find my brothers and sisters in Christ here. I hope I can write again soon. God bless you Rolain. 🙂

      1. rolerrol says:

        Have a great weekend Kriz.

  3. paulfg says:

    “As a Christian and a woman, I find it hard to stand in the podium of this dream because somehow people from my own flock will judge me of being worldly, selfish, someone who wants to save herself from poverty and eventually sleep in a bed of money. It’s as if they view me to be a fake Christian because I long for a worldly fleeting knowledge.”

    That is the saddest paragraph I have read in a long time. There is no obvious violence, no technicolor tragedy, no apparent injury. Other than the killing by disdain of another soul.

    Kriz, as one human being to another human being – you rock!! 🙂

    1. KrizSummer says:

      I love what you said. 🙂 Indeed, it’s really sad. But I pray that someday they will understand. Glory to God alone. God bless you always. 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on My Life with Christ. and commented:
    Thank you Kriz 🙂 better late than never! haha. This certainly blessed me and reminded that we have a God of perfect timing, and that whatever struggles we’re going through, He will always be there to help us through it all.

    Life is tough. I’m pretty much stating the obvious ’cause we live in a fallen world, but life is also beautiful, because there is a God who loves us 🙂 thank you so much for writing this! btw, I absolutely love veterinary medicine but I’m still praying about it, please pray for me haha! ❤ God bless you, sis!

    1. KrizSummer says:

      You’re welcome, Mary. I hope you learned something. God bless you too, sis. 🙂

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