When Time Feels Like It’s Not Enough

Hello everyone! It’s been a long time since the day I was able to write here, but thanks to my ‘little freedom’ hours, I will be able to write again. šŸ™‚

Just so you know, I had a thousand times during my study breaks that my mind get the itching need to write something. It’s like I had a lot of things to say but had so little time to write it down. I’m back again into this life where time runs so fast and I keep on panting just to keep up with it. Haha.time

Time. Oh precious time. We wish we had a lot of it. We sometimes want it to stop for a while, and there are also times that we want to speed it up. Wish anything you want, but when reality strikes, you’ll realize that you can never control time because we simply don’t own it. And even if how much we want to manipulate it, we can never have a power over it.

I might have been always an early riser, but sleep is always been my great friend. Adjusting my sleeping hours just to keep up with every thing is something that is hard for me for the past days. There are times that I’m in the mood to study, but there are also times that all I just want to do is lie in my bed and sleep for 8-11 hours. That is something that I should not do. I know. But there are times that I miss sleeping, and I just can’t fight it back.

So the guilt comes along when I wake up. I feel like I’ve just wasted time that I should have spent in reading our references and scan my notes for the next exams. But I can neither turn back the time nor shout at its face for being too speedy. I cannot make it my pet and tell it everything that I want to happen.

If time is a person, I’ll invite him for a dinner and ask him on and on why he has to be that fast, and there are moments he’s too slow when IĀ want him to be fast.

But then as I keep on asking it to myself or even sometimes complain it to God, I realized that all this time, it wasn’t time’s fault. It was mine. I have 24 hours a day but I chose to waste even more than half of it.

Every student out there would relate to this. We think we have so little time to read everything. We think life is unfair for giving longer time to those who don’t need it but give us a very speedy time even if we desperately need it to slow down.

But then, think of the things you do in a day. Think about the hours you spent on the internet, television, etc. Think also about the hours you spent in talking about senseless things to someone, and give so much energy over spreading gossips. And most of all, think about the the too much hours you spent in sleeping. You might say then we also need time to socialize too, but then, we have to accept that we sometimes give too much emphasis on things that could hardly help us get by over a very toxic responsibility.

My very point is, we actually have enough time everyday. God gave us 24 hours because He knows it’s enough. What makes it look little is on the way we spend it.

Time is like money. If you don’t spend it wisely, you’ll be a beggar by the end of the day who keeps on asking for help because you wasted so much time that you have. You’d be blaming God before sleeping because you think He was too unfair of making it end that way. But human as we are, we tend to see things in a worse and very narcissistic way. We keep on asking God to do this and that without even thinking He is not even obliged to do that for you. He is God and you’re not, thus, whatever we ask, we should not ask Him on a very prideful way.

If you find yourself imprisoned over how every day’s speed choke you, I want you to keep silent for a while and think of how you spent your everyday life. For sure, you’ll realize that it was never time’s mistake nor God’s. It was yours.

So, better change the way you spent your day now or be haunted by the a wicked tyrant called remorse. šŸ™‚

We can never control time like how God controls it. But He is a merciful and gracious God because He gives us enough time every day. And it’s all up to you if you’re going to waste it or not.

Make the best out of the baskets of blessings called Time that He gives you everyday. Use them in glorifying Him and not yourself. šŸ™‚

‘When you kill time, remember that it has no resurrection.’ ~A.W. Tozer


All Glory belongs to God alone.

Your Sister in Christ,



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