Let’s Talk About ‘Waiting’

White RoseIt’s already February 14 here in our country. 🙂

If people can only paint the world with lovely red for the whole day, they will. Flower shops will be busy hours from now, the best restaurants in town are already fully booked, some might have tried to lose weight before Heart’s Day, and some might have been practicing how will they say the magic words ‘I love you’ and the most tear-jerking question; ‘Will you marry me?’ for tonight.

This day may have never been a holiday, but the feeling that this day exists already means a lot to those who are in love, loved and trying to find how it is to love.

But how about those who are single? Will they ever fit into the picture of romantic dates and sweet surprises today? Or it’s just another day where they will think of waiting patiently once more, and longing for that day that the right one will come to their lives? 🙂

“I’m Waiting. Patiently Waiting.” Those are words that used to come out of my mind each time a heart’s day goes by and I’m still single. I picture myself standing at a train station for too long but I still miss all the trains that stopped. I don’t feel like going anywhere. All I just want to do is ‘wait’.  

I used to spend this day with my friends when I was in college. Most of my friends are single, too and so it was easier for us to hang out together and laugh about what will happen to our lives years after college. Waiting has always been our theme for Heart’s Day. Waiting for the right one, waiting for true love, and even waiting for our orders in the restaurant during that busy day.

We tried to ‘plan’ our lives that we even jokingly ranked ourselves who’s the first one to get married down to the last one, and hoping that we will find our soulmates right after college. But the reality is; two years after college, only few among us is currently in a relationship and those people were the same people who had someone special back in college.

You’ll never know life even how much you plan it. I sometimes smile while thinking how immature are the things I thought before. Thoughts of ‘waiting’ flooded my mind without even truly realizing the real essence of it.

There’s nothing wrong with waiting for the right person, but the bad thing about being fixated on that kind of waiting is that you will totally forget that your love life is just a part of the life that God has for you. Your love life is not the greatest event as if your life will only start when that special someone comes. 

Because of waiting, I forgot to live. I forgot to love myself and take some walks alone instead of waiting for the right train to come. We are not living a life made by a blind fate. We are living a life that is already planned by God. So don’t keep on being idle when you can live your life and just go where God wants you to be.

I used to love the ‘Love Section’ in my favorite Christian Bookstore. I used to collect Christian books about love just to prepare myself for that day that I will meet him. But as I grow deeper in God, I realize that it was all a waste of time. It’s like digging in a lot that has no treasures in it. I missed the whole thing. I didn’t realize right away who’s the One that is really worth waiting.

Many single people today are spending this day with thoughts about waiting for the right one. We sometimes give most of our energy for that, only to find out that we exhaust ourselves in finding fake treasures. We get discourage for not having a special date today. We think gallons of ice cream can console your broken soul. But you’re completely wrong. You’re actually finding the answer in the wrong places.  

No thing that is worldly by nature can heal the deepest wounds you have in your life. Your future partner cannot even perfectly heal you. They might someday make us smile, make us laugh and make us become thankful for everything, but they’re not the true source of it.

In fact, they are not the ones that we should be truly waiting for. We should be waiting for Someone else –the grandest and greatest event that happened, is happening and will happen. 🙂

The love that special someone will someday show to you is nothing compared to the love shown at the Cross. The love that special someone will give you someday will not last forever but the love shown by Christ will never change. Waiting for that special someone will exhaust you, get most of your time or worse you’ll grow ungrateful everyday, but waiting for Christ will change you for the better every single day.

There are many people who consider themselves as Christians, but when we talk about Christ’s second coming, they still tremble in fear. It should not build fear inside of us. We are already justified through what He has done for His people. Joy should fill our hearts when we think that He is coming back. It should put a smile on our faces and make us realize that He is truly the One who is worth waiting.

Your future partner is not worth waiting. Jesus Christ is and always will be. 🙂

There is more to life than our lovelife. Our lives should be all about Jesus Christ. Let’s get to know Him more and love Him more than anything or anyone in this world.

Stop waiting for the train to come and start having walks alone. And besides, you’re never alone when you have Christ. You’re more than fine when you have Him. 🙂

And most of all, you already have everything if you have Jesus Christ. Whether that special someone will come or not, you are already complete.

There is a time for everything, so don’t spend most of your time on waiting. You have a life to live. 🙂

God bless you, reader! Cheers for this season of our lives. 🙂


Another Single waiting for Christ. 🙂


I wait for the Lord, my soul waits,
    and in His word I hope;
my soul waits for the Lord
    more than watchmen for the morning,
    more than watchmen for the morning.

PSALM 130:5-6


12 Comments Add yours

  1. Amen! Waiting doesn’t mean we should be doing nothing, but that we should use our time wisely until the next season arrives. Great post!

    1. KrizSummer says:

      Thank you for stopping by, Anna! God bless you. 🙂

  2. I remember when I humbled myself to the Lord I told him I would follow him and go wherever He sent me, and I would change my life if he chose me a wife, not myself because everything I tried to do myself never turned out right. I would wait on Him, and like Jacob, he chose one for me and we met over 1000 miles and 7 months later. And this year it will be 37 years. Straight courting, just dating, becoming friends, no sex, just being together, we got married less than two months later. That is why it is easy to write love poems of praise to God, I waited for

  3. Him and he blessed me…with a wonderful gift, my wife and best friend, of course not before my God, but when I look at her, I see God, and when I look at her I see His love. Kriz , he will bless you so completely in your life, just wait, trust and believe. Know you are loved my sister, Happy Valentines Day from your brother who shares the same spirit with you…hugs and blessings always!

    1. KrizSummer says:

      Glory to God alone! Thank you for a such beautiful and inspiring story. 🙂 God bless you. 🙂

  4. Jennifer says:

    Today was Valentine’s Day where I live! 🙂
    I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award! Please stop by to read about it: http://www.jennafifi.wordpress.com

    Have a wonderful weekend.


    1. KrizSummer says:

      Hello Jen. Thank you for nominating me. It’s an honor. 🙂 I’ll check it. God bless you. 🙂 Thank you again. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. oneintercessor says:

    Excellent thoughts and a blessing to see your wisdom. I hope to raise my daughters to understand the blessings and responsibilities of Christian marriage without causing them to think it is the only way to live righteously for God. One area I can see terrific marriages hindering the desire to draw closer to God day in and day out is that so many needs get met in that relationship…but the goal of all of our lives needs to be–should be–getting to know God more. That is what He wants from us, no matter our situation. Anyway, this post served as a good reminder to me, a happily married woman of almost 16 yrs. Thank you, and thank you for the perspective (first hand) of a godly Christian young woman. I really do not want my girls to feel anything but perfect if they are single beyond a certain arbitrary point they may set for themselves.

    1. KrizSummer says:

      Amen. Glory to God alone. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Ma’am. 🙂 I’ve learned something. Thank your so much. God bless you. 🙂 🙂

      1. oneintercessor says:

        Thank you!

  6. A wisdom from God upon you.. Awesome. .May your life poured with God’s love and spirit. Amen. Really enjoyed reading this. Blessings.

    1. KrizSummer says:

      Hello Karina. 🙂 THank you. Glory to God alone. 🙂 God bless you. 🙂

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