The Wrong Way of Waiting


An open rebuke is better than hidden love! –Proverbs 27:5

This is one of the topics that I’m scared to share. I’m scared because many from my friends might hate me for hitting their egos for this. I won’t be telling names for this post but I know many of the people who will be able to read this is going to end up asking themselves, “Is she referring to me?”

To be honest, I pity those who talk all the time how excited they are to meet their future partner in life. Their posts in facebook cannot hide it, their text messages repeats it, and their words show they desire it. But one thing that alarmed me is that, this kind of waiting undermines the real chance for you to know God more.

You know why? The more focus you are in waiting for that person, the greater are the tendencies for you to shift the emphasis on your future partner and lesser focus is given to God.

How’s that possible? I’ve witnessed it. I’ve seen how this wrong kind of waiting ruined some lives of the people I knew before.

Yes, it’s great to stay pure and really wait for the right person, but the real process of waiting should not put us on an impatient mode. The more you talk about it, the greater are your chances to consider every random Christian you encounter to be the one God is intended to become your partner.

You see, the common answer a single Christian will say if he/she is asked what kind of woman/man he/she is waiting is this: Someone who loves the LORD more that anything else.

And you know what’s the problem with that? Every TRUE believer is like that! The lesser you convict yourself with that fact, the greater are your chances of dating every Christian guy/girl in your church.

I once had a friend who told me he likes my friend and the next week he likes my other friend, too. And he end up telling me he’s confused because both girls love the LORD above all else. See? if you are going to deal with this kind of waiting without using the wisdom that comes from God, you’ll end up compromising and sharing a part of you that should have been fully reserved for the right one.

So how are we going to heal this syndrome? The antidote is right in front of you. You are just trying to ignore it all this time. Let God be your only desire. Delight in Him so that He will give your the wisdom to discern who is the right one and neglect those who are reserved for someone else.

Practice loyalty even in waiting. Don’t consider every Christian guy/girl you bumped into.  Don’t overwhelm yourself with emotions that are always lust-driven.

Wait for that person the way God wants you to wait. He didn’t made you wait for a long time just to sit there and disregard Him. What should our hearts be truly waiting is not the partner God is preparing for us; it’s the day when we see our Savior face to face.

Let’s fix our eyes on Jesus Christ even in the aspect of waiting. Your partner cannot perfect your faith. Jesus is the only perfecter of our faith.

Let’s wait with wisdom in our minds. Don’t let your feelings (which is a part of your flesh) drive you down.

I hope this small reminder will open the eyes of my beloved readers.

God bless you. 🙂


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